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Monday, December 18, 2006

I hate Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines!

In particular, I hate the software developers and the corporate mindset that drives their software!

I should explain. My BSU has a sewing machine, a Husqvarna Rose. This machine is designed to do embroidery, automatically, from these little cards that the user can load patterns onto, using their PC.

We have software for creating, modifying and saving the embroidery patterns. We have software that allows this special, proprietary card to receive the saved patterns for transfering to the sewing machine. Except it doesn't work. Now the software is several years old and the card Reader/Writer device connects to the computer using a parallel port, which should not be a showstopper, except that it doesn't work! I have tried on several occasions to get the card Reader/Writer to play nicely on our PC. I even emailed the company's software assistance hotline and their response was to go into my Windows XP and delete all my printer, fax and scanner drivers to see if the computer would recognize their equipment. I decided that sounded like a bogus fix and did not try it.

Instead, as part of my Christmas present for the spouse, I decided to buy the newfangled Reader/Writer that operates off a USB port! I went to our local dealer, explained what I wanted to do and he gave me a heck of a deal on the hardware and some 3D Organizer software which he said would be neccesary to get the patterns transferred on and off the card. But that doesn't work either! I brought my purchases home, opened up the box for the Reader/Writer and there's no CD containing software drivers! Rats, now I have to open the sealed package of software that I was hoping would not be required.

So, I did. I opened the software, read the instructions, followed the instructions, and no deal, there's no drivers for the Reader/Writer on the CD! I read the instructions again- they say I need the Husqvarna Viking 3D Embroidery Studio or the Professional version of the same! That's a few more hundred dollars, just to get some hardware drivers!

I persist. I emailed Husqvarna's software assistance hotline- again. This time the response is that I need the 3D Organizer, version 7.0. My dealer sold me 3D Organizer Plus, which is version 6.0! The stinking drivers aren't on this disc! I have already responded back to the first email telling them of my dissatisfaction with the company's rip-off methods in regard to their software. I've explained that I have 6.0, not 7.0, and could they please provide me with the neccesary drivers via download so that I don't have to completely blow my Christmas budget on more software. I'm awaiting a response- without much expectation of anything more than a canned, corporate response to go buy their latest, greatest, most expensive package so that my spouse can use her embroidery functions.

I also found, in just a few minutes Googling, a seller of the software I need, downloadable for a a deep discount price. This is obviously hacked/cracked software and I don't think I'll take him up on his offer based upon the way he demands payment. But I let the company know, in the email I sent to their software assist folks, that it is their corporate snobbery that encourages people to find ways around their exclusivity.

This shouldn't be so damm complicated. A piece of hardware should come with the software to make it work included in the box! There's just no justification for hiding drivers in an expensive bundle of unneeded software.

I really hate the Husqvarna people, no matter how good their sewing machines might be!

[UPDATE: From Jason in the software assistance department-
Thank you for your e-mail. There are two versions of 3D Organizer. There is 3D Organizer Plus which was part of the VIP Embroidery System 6.0 -6.3. There is also 3D Organizer 7.0 - 7.25, which is currently in stores. According to your email you purchased 3D Organizer Plus which does not give you the ability to send files to your machine. Please see your dealer for the correct software needed to transfer to your machine.
You will need this software which has the drivers on the disc to make the connection.
Note that its just not simply possible to send me the files to update my equipment... Even Microsoft's not that damm pissy!]

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  1. Thank you, I have been debating purchasing my grandmother a new machine or updating her software. From my own difficulty with their software and this article about their customer service I think I may save up and just purchase her a new one.


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